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What it is? 
Our Lashes is a High Quality, cruelty free lashes.
What it does? 
Our Lashes are carefully hand crafted, ultra-light, luxurious lashes. 
How is the lash band made?
It provides a subtle non artificial shine and has a feather like wispy look.
How many times can you wear each lash?
Our lashes are designed to be used more than 20 times with proper care. Some natural shedding of the fur may occur over time, this is normal.
How are these lashes sold? 
These lashes are sold individually as strip lashes.
Are these lashes sold with the glue? 
Our lashes are sold without any glue. 
How to take care of these lashes? 
We recommend that you use only a small amount of glue with these lashes. After each use, place the lashes back on the plastic tray and 
place the tray back in the original box. To preserve the longevity of your lashes, never tug on the individual strands and handle with care.
What else you need to know? 
These lashes are made from individually selected mink fur hairs that have been harvested by gently brushing live animals.
No animals are ever harmed in this process.