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Why should we constantly design new styles of lashes?

Today, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards all over the world, people begin to pursue spiritual satisfaction!

Have faith to rely on their soul;Read more books, constantly improve themselves in order to Keep up with the trend of the times;In this highly competitive society. Make-up can make people to be Self confidence and have enough energy to work and happy living!

But”like the new and hate the old is the normal human nature”,

Constantly changing style will attract more people's attention, Constantly changing style will bring their own different mood, thus more happy to work and life!

Based on this, we not only pursue the natural life like effect of mink eyelash, but also constantly innovate the 3d mink eyelash style, or natural, or sexy, or exaggerated, or smart.... Let you always stand in the forefront of fashion to show yourself!

Constantly design new styles to meet the needs of every consumer on different occasions, meetings, evenings, stages, lectures, walking on the red carpet.


 Different occasions need to match different clothes, different makeup, also need different styles of mink eyelashes.

Therefore, we as a mink eyelash vendor should  constantly design new styles and constantly bring new business opportunities to our customers.


Consumers like fresh, They like to try new things at the first time,


 As an eyelash Vendor we will have to constantly design new  mink lash styles, Bring consumers a different experience at the first time, Eliminate those competitors who can only imitate, and ensure that everyone who cooperates with us has a firm market share!


Cannes mink lashes wholesale like to work with you hand in hand to open new market!

Nov 6, 2018 1:33:04 AM By admin admin Make-up & beauty,

Win- win cooperation , Mutual benefit is our aim!

We always stand the same line with our customers. Although interests are important, we value long-term and long-lasting development more!

We hope that we can be the most reliable design department and production department for our customers, and make suggestions for them to open up the market. The difficulties our customers encounter are our difficulties, and the success of our customers is also our success. Develop the market hand in hand with customers. So the customers who work with us will become bigger and bigger.

But the mink lashes wholeale in the market only pay attention to the interests, without the idea of long-term development, offer customers lower prices to win orders, and provide inferior products to deceive customers. Lead to loss of customer interests, shrinking customer market!

Concentrate on doing things can do better and better!

Every pair of mink lashes we produce is inspected, and every pair of eyelashes is perfect. Customers do not need to inspect the eyelashes after receiving them, and sell them directly, which greatly saves the time and manpower of customers. Customers have no worries at all.

 Concentrate on their work and concentrate on developing the market. It will become bigger and bigger.

On the contrary, after receiving the goods from other mink lashes vendor, customers find specialists to inspect the goods. Many defective products will have to return , Which is affecting the mood of customers, Wasting a lot of time and energy, Unable to concentrate on sales, so the customer market is shrinking!

Quality is the life of an enterprise!

Without high-quality 3d mink lashes, enterprises will lose vitality, especially in the Internet age. High-quality mink lashes can help individual enterprises instantly accumulate credibility, Open up markets in a short time, thus forming a virtuous circle!   

Cannes eyelashes are precisely based on this idea and constantly improve product quality. Keep the vitality of our cooperative enterprises!

And poor quality products will lose credibility in an instant, which will lead to the decline of enterprises and eventually the collapse of enterprises!

Customers who cooperate with us only need to focus on how to develop the market, Product delivery date, quality without any worries, focus will make our customers bigger and bigger!

Nov 4, 2018 10:34:27 PM By admin admin Make-up & beauty,
Eye lashes are just made to enhance the eyes of the ladies, thus, it is must to be used anywhere without any hassle. If you don’t know the importance of the same, you should try out checking the ladies who are using the same and who are not, beauty difference you can easily notice. It doesn’t matter whether you don’t have dense eye lashes or have, anyone can easily use this amazing product and just be ready to get great compliments from others. If you haven’t used it before, it is a high time when you should think about the same and better check how your overall look has been enhanced. Whether it is your first time or you have already used it up, all you just need to concentrate on finding the best and amazing store from where you can easily buy superior eyelash extensions of all sizes, shapes and pattern. You will be glad to know that there are varieties of patterns are available, which can easily meet your overall requirements on one spot. Right source will never disappoint you at all as the best store always picks up exceptional quality products of the mink lashes that cater to each individual no matter what their budget and expectations are. You should focus on the best source where you can easily find lots of returning customers and have a great name in the market. Why it is important? Well, it is all about quality and trend which you will wear and it must be perfect for sure. Online shopping for lash extension is the perfect idea as this is the only spot from where anyone can expect to have amazing sets of eyelashes ranging 3D in volume, which look so pretty and unbelievable. You will be glad to know that once you will be connected with the best online source, there is nothing to bother you at all as all the latest collections will be there, which will be revolutionary and give you ultimate results. However, this amazing and warm attention to detail product should definitely be tried and it will surely give you the best possible experience. For making your eyes very dramatic, different from others and the most beautiful with the combo of the best lenses, one can use the best false eyelashes, which will be enough to satisfy your complete requirements. Yes, everything will be so amazing and make you look like a celebrity. If you don’t want to wear it on regular basis, you can wear it up to the special occasions, like- party and then you will surely be noticeable by wearing this so small, but very important stuff. So, what are you waiting for? Just move ahead and must try the best eyelashes will definitely give you a complete peace of mind and beauty.
Oct 31, 2018 12:23:46 AM By admin admin mink lashes, Make-up & beauty,
When many girls mention false eyelashes, they think of thick smoky nightclubs. In fact, the scope of application of false eyelashes is much wider than we thought. It is not only the attractive eye in the hard photo of the stage, but also plays a very important role in daily makeup. To the familiar hand made false eyelash can even be more natural than mascara, and do not worry about hot makeup paste rub to the face. So how to choose, how to wear, how to mix it with their hair appears to be natural, the time to test the technology. There are a variety of false eyelash materials available on the market. In addition to the more popular manmade fibers, there are also horse hair (relatively stiff), mink hair (soft), fox hair (mostly colored), and dog hair and pig hair .Human hair And all the exaggerated bird feathers used for stage makeup. One of the most recommended is mink hair, first because mink hair is the most natural, and secondly because mink lashes is better than artificial make. When it comes to buying false eyelashes, it's best to choose materials like mink,Our eyelash factory has done very professional in the mink field . We are a professional mink eyelash manufacturer. Be wary of buying pig hair and dog hair products from black heart manufacturers, which can cause eye allergies and infections. First of all You have to have: a pair of false eyelashes. Eyelash glue (Be sure to buy good glue.dry quickly also not easy to drop, after half a minute of milky liquid will become transparent.It doesn't hurt to stick to your eyes.) A small pair of scissors used to trim hair. It can be used to trim excess eyelashes.Like the ends of the eyelashes. Installation steps: Their true eyelashes with eyelash clip, who do not want to paste out the double layer to be right, very scary. First pruning false eyelashes with scissors to suit the length of their eyes, standardized production of hair must not fit everyone's eye shape, you can look at the mirror on the eye to compare. Glue it. Use tweezers to keep your hands from shaking. Be careful not to let glue run onto your eyelashes. Wait half a minute to a minute, and the glue will become translucent. Use tweezers to stick it up, as close as possible to the root, hold still and wait for him to stick to it. (it will be more natural to stick under the real eyelashes) slightly adjust the hand, pay attention to eye head and eye tail to fit. The last step, appreciate.

Do you want to buy mink eyelashes? Are you looking for the best material? Suede eyelashes are widely used in the current situation. These are made of hair. These are perm and can be customized. Mink eyelashes bring a natural fluffy look. Without professional knowledge, no one can distinguish between leeches and real eyelashes.

For the best mink lashes, you should consider visiting a reliable manufacturer. As the demand for these eyelashes continues to grow, many new products are coming soon. But these are not made of the highest quality materials. They won't give you a natural look. There may also be some side effects. Therefore, it is important to buy mink eyelashes from a reliable manufacturer. If you buy from a reliable and experienced mink eyelash manufacturer, you get the following benefits.

The best product

Experienced manufacturers will provide you with the best products. They will have skills and experience. Moreover, they are able to understand the needs of their customers. They will use the best materials and developed technologies to make the final product safe and durable. If you buy a reliable brand, you can customize your eyelashes and use them for a long time. You can also apply makeup to your eyelashes without any side effects.

Mink eyelashes

Natural appearance

Mink eyelashes bring a natural look. People prefer this because they are made of hair. These are safe and natural. But if you buy from an unknown brand, you can't guarantee the authenticity of the product. They may not use raw hair. In this case, it does not provide the look you want. In addition, you may experience some side effects. But if you buy a popular brand, you can rely on quality. The appearance will not be affected.

working environment

The work environment will also play an important role in ensuring product quality. Mink eyelashes should be made in a healthy environment. Manufacturers should follow some safety measures. The whole process needs health and hygiene to prepare the best eyelashes. Professionals should wear non-toxic gloves when preparing these eyelashes. When buying from a startup, you may not expect all precautions. They do not follow security measures. They only focus on the end result to make it impressive and attract the attention of potential buyers.


If you buy from a reliable manufacturer, you can expect the development of the process to get the best product. Mink eyelashes go through two processes before they are sold. The first step is to sterilize the raw materials, and the second step uses a steam engine to set the curls at high temperatures. These two programs require huge investments to produce the highest quality products. Small and new companies do not follow this process. As a result, the eyelashes become short-lived and do not provide the desired appearance.

In addition, as one of the reliable manufacturers of water hydrazine lasers - CANNESLASHES.com. You can rely on our reputation and security features. Feel free to choose our eyelashes or contact us to learn more about the eyelashes!

You want your eyes to see their best form as often as possible. More people will notice that your eyes don't look like you realize, whether in the office, dating when you go for an interview or appointment. Your eyes will immediately make a statement for you, and make them look best, can help you feel better, more confident, and give yourself an incredible first impression. If your eyelashes do not enhance the look of your eyes in the way you want, then you may find it time to find the mink eyelashes that are right for you and make your eyes look best.

Find fake eyelashes to choose from

Selecting new eyelashes may look a lot like buying a new pair of shoes or new clothes - there are plenty of numbers to choose from, and each set of lashes can provide you with a unique look. Going to a local cosmetics store or department store to look at eyelashes may quickly show that you have a lot to choose from. Your first step may be to determine the best length and style for you and provide you with the desired accent.

Material of eyelashes
If this is your first purchase of false eyelashes, you may not be familiar with the available eyelashes. A blush like bristles made from real hair will give you a better look than synthetic eyelashes. Eyelashes made with real hair will feel your eyes softer, more comfortable, and look natural, while many synthetic eyelashes are usually cheaper but may give the impression that your eyelashes are false It seems unrealistic to you and others.

Buy your eyelashes
When you are looking for fake eyelashes to help your eyes, be sure to look for us on Cannes eyelashes to see what we offer. Our line of products provide the best eyelash extensions to give you a beautiful look on any occasion, and you can choose the thickness, length and fullness that best suits you. We provide high quality mink eyelashes at a reasonable price and we are happy to send your US orders to you free of charge to help you save more. See our choices and place orders today to get beautiful eyelashes that will make your eyes perfect.

Wholesale 3D mink eyelashes from Cannes eyelashes

What is 3D MINK? Hand-made 3D mink eyelashes have the best quality compared to other types of eyelashes.

They have a good reason. 3D mink eyelashes are different from the standard Mink Eyelashes or Fiber Eyelashes in how they are made and how they look. The design is different, just like defining 3D: "3D means 3D, with width, height and depth or length". In the case of 3D eyelashes, these eyelashes have a certain "layering" or three-dimensional effect. Eyelashes are mixed with different sizes of eyelashes, and mixed with short eyelashes and long eyelashes, giving the eyelashes a 3D effect and a more fluffy appearance. These lashes are not all tiled on the regular lashes, and because the lashes are more pronounced and more natural. The overall 3D eyelashes tend to be more charming and make your eyes bigger and more attractive.

3D eyelashes are beautiful and "stereo", you can see them from all angles, and they have beautiful fluffy tips. Eyelashes are fuller and fuller.

Cannes Whiplash Eyelash Brand In addition to the wholesale hair extension, Cannes Eyelashes also sells blistering lashes. We do not do parallel imports, only quality assurance!

Cannes eyelashes have different 3D mink eyelashes models, as follows:

Lightweight 3D eyelashes


Volumn Weight 3D eyelashes

How to use EYELASHES? Do you know how to use eyelashes? If you don't know, that's okay. Here we will share a few tips for you. OK, let's talk about it!

First of all, you need to prepare 6 false eyelash tools for this work. The 6 tools are mascara, glue, eyeliner, eyelash curler, mascara and mascara brush.

Then, when we are ready, we can use eyelashes!

Step 1: Cut false eyelashes Make eyelashes from trimmed eyes.

Step 2: Brush the glue Gently apply a layer of glue to the eyelashes.

Step 3: False Eyelashes From the eyeliner, first fix the eye's eye and then completely fix the middle part to the lash root.


Step 4: Pretty Eyelashes Gently curl your eyelash curler.

Step 5: Mascara Brush With mascara brushes, true and false eyelashes can be overlapped to achieve more realistic eyelashes.

Step 6: How to remove eyelashes Use a cotton swab to take makeup remover and gently wipe off with false eyelashes, so that the false eyelashes gently remove the eyelashes from the end of the eyelashes, remove the glue from the eyelashes, put the fingers on the eyelashes, and put it into the storage box.

Start a good life! Many fashion girls like to wear false eyelashes because it can avoid your flaws and expand bright spots!

3D mink eyelashes is the best choice, it adds impeccable, beautiful life to your eyes, very simple!

Wholesale 3D MINK Business Partners Are you still hesitating? Let us wholesale your 3D mink lashes to supply your fake lash line now easily!

If you are currently selling hair extensions, we strongly recommend that you add 3D Mink eyelashes to your product. They are a big hit!

Most importantly, you don’t have to buy hundreds of eyelashes at a time when purchasing wholesale eyelashes from a private label.

We look forward to your joining! Create a beautiful life with us!

It is said that our eyes are the windows of our souls. This is a very real statement, because eye contact is very important for human interaction. We tried to enhance our eyes in many ways, and eyelashes have become popular in recent years. Almost all beauty bloggers and influencers wear beautiful eyelashes. They complement their appearance, making their eyes look very attractive as a normal person, and we might speculate about wearing these lashes. But at parties and special occasions, we should do our best to make-up. So, here are some reasons to try those sexy eyelashes.


Try the false eyelashes in the next section: Why do you need to use false eyelashes

When you participate in an event that may make you emotional, false eyelashes may be your best friend. They will stay in all situations and will make your eyes look good. Apply them with waterproof mascara and you will love the look it provides. If the application is good, they will not disappoint you. Since glues are usually waterproof, they can continue to pass through sweat and dirt. So, for parties that involve a lot of dance, they are very good.

Trying false eyelashes is purely fun. They come in different materials and styles to make you look gorgeous. In addition, it only needs a tweezers and eyelash glue to your eyelid. We are sure that when you apply those dramatic eyelashes, you will love it. The eyes look more party than the daily makeup is more dramatic. So, adding eyelashes will make you pay more attention to your eyes. If you are going to a fashion event, then a pair of false eyelashes is a must.

You need to stay stylish if you have sparse or sparse eyelashes, this is an instant fix. In addition, if you are going to a makeup party, you will never leave a pair of eyelashes. They added more definitions for the appearance of the eyes created on that day.

Eyelashes extend faster and more safely than eyelashes. They are temporary, so you can easily delete them at the end of the day. So, if you always want big, bold lashes, you can find them with your favorite pair of false lashes.

If that is what you look like, you can pop them up almost every morning. When we participate in the party, our eyes may not look best. Adding a pair of eyelashes makes the eye more visible and adds dramaticity to your eyes. Depending on the needs of the situation, you can try a natural or more dramatic pair. In general, if you don't like your mink eyelashes, it will highlight your eyes and make you feel much better.

False eyelashes look good to everyone. There are several styles to choose from, and we do think that everyone will find the right match. Stick them and enjoy parties all night. Want to see more discounts and trendy otter eyelashes now? Just came to www.canneslashes.com!


1. Gently remove the lashes from the tray using tweezers. Pull from one end to the other.

2. Measure the mink lashes to the correct length for your eyes. False lashes should start slightly away from your inner corner of your eye.

3. Trim from the outer side of the lashes.

4. Apply a thin layer of eyelash glue on the lash band, and wait for 30 seconds, you can see the glue is ready when it become almost transparent on the lash band.

5. if you are new beginner, draw a thin eyeliner first, this way it naturally hides any gaps between your natural lashes and the false lashes you are going to apply.

6. Use a tweezers or your hand to apply the lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible.

7. Do not apply mascara to your false eyelashes, if you must you can apply mascara before applying your false eyelashes.

8. Touch up any gaps with eyeliner or use eyelashes curler.


Jun 12, 2018 1:26:03 AM By admin admin Make-up & beauty,

3D mink eyelashes: this is the icing sugar on the cake Nothing is better than waking up in the morning and using a pair of 3D ferret eyelashes to make up. It was actually a crowd pleaser.

3D mink eyelashes make everything better! Like others, I appreciate those things that highlight my inner and outer forms of beauty. I firmly believe that these two qualities of beauty are in many ways consistent with what we think. Can we agree that if we're having a bad day, simply letting our nails, hair and eyebrows finish, while killing a punch can make us feel better?

Compliments can also improve our mood. Therefore, we have accomplished our days better and are ready to take on any task. I recently came across a new beauty accessory and one of the best interns I've ever had. I found the 3D ferret eyelashes on my first day at work. To be honest, I've probably never loved anything faster than these eyelashes.

Hold the eyelashes in your hand and let me analyze them carefully. I've worn false eyelashes before, but the high quality of the process that goes into 3D mink eyelashes is when I know my old eyelashes won't even compare to them. Once I cut them into the shape of the eye, not only are they in fact is easy to put on my eyes, and I don't even need to look line can make eyelash and line clearance looks does not exist. The weave is so thick and flexible that it matches the eyeliner. Eyelashes are a soft, realistic texture, with just the right amount of eyelashes crossing each other to make them look long and long. Eyelashes don't notice the rest of my face, but they actually add to the overall look I want to achieve.

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